Upcoming BLQ Shows in CT

cropped-blq-icon2.jpg  Hello Black Lodge Quartet fans! you lovely people you, BLQ have some new confirmed gigs in CT coming up.
On Friday the 18th of May 2018 we will be playing at Old Platform 6 in Oakville.
Doors open at 6pm, the band will be on stage for your entertainment needs by 7:30pm. We will be playing two 50 minute sets, with a short break between. A tip jar will be set out for the band.
OP6 is BYOB but has a full kitchen with delicious food available (really it is fantastic!), as well as cappuccinos and teas so do plan to come for dinner. This venue has an artistic, elegant and romantic feel with lost of comfortable antique chairs and large tables. A great place for a Friday night out with friends as well as a more intimate dinner date.

blq lilly and Dan plat9_edited-1
Lilly And Dan checking the levels at Old Platform 6. The room has great acoustics!

On Thursday 21st Of June 2018  we will be appearing at Scottish Daves Pub in Clinton.
Open all day and serving the kind of brilliant selection one would expect from the only true Scottish pub in the state, including but not limited to, Haggis, fish&chips and Tika Masala plus a selection of Scottish beers and whisky.
This is the friendliest place around, you will feel like family the moment you arrive!.
BLQ will be on at no later than 7:30 for two 50 minute sets with a short break. We will be previewing some new material so don’t miss out.

That time Lilly sang duet with her Dad at Scottish Dave’s!

We are looking forward to seeing you there everyone!

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