Old Platform 6 – gig review

cropped-blq-icon2.jpg Well Kittens last Friday night we played at  Old Platform 6 (20 Main St, Bldg 3, Oakville, Connecticut 06779). This was our first show at this venue, and was a bit of an experiment, in that it was a last minute thing with almost no promotion. We are certain it will not be our last though.
Kittens, we love this place! I want to live there. I said to the guys “I’m calling my husband now to pack up the dog because we are moving in here!”.

Jazz singer lounging on a sofa in a vintage gown.
Miss Lilly makes herself at home in a dark corner.

So lets back-up and go over the night. Old Platform 6 is in an old brick industrial building right behind Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes……..so we got some cupcakes on arrival, because 1. we had miraculously not been stuck in traffic on the way and so arrived almost a half hour before we meant to, and 2. because cupcakes. Once our lovely host, venue owner Caroline, arrived and let us inside it was love at first sight. The space is beautiful. High ceilings, old wood floors, exposed brick walls, HUGE windows, pillars and such lovely furniture. There are many elegant antique sofas and chairs arranged in inviting groups as well as some long ‘family style’ dining tables. It really has the feel of a Parisian jazz club, especially as there is no sign outside just an open door where music is always flowing out!. If I lived closer I would take a membership for sure.

Jazz drummer at drum kit in club
The ‘elusive’ Paul setting up his sound at OP6.

When setting up we found that the room has wonderful acoustics so we hardly needed any amplification at all. It sounded great. AND we were able to get a photo of Drummer Paul! So I can finally change his pic on the Introducing the band… page from just his drum kit to actually include his face!!

We played two 40-50 minute sets with a short 15 minute break between. And tried out  a new addition to the set that had never been played live before. Look out for more info on that here soon!.
We had the best time at OP6 and were happily surprized how many of you came out despite the last minute status. We were so glad to see you, and so very glad you all had such a good time. We hope to see many more of you next time.
XXX Miss Lilly.

A short video of us playing one of Caroline’s favorite songs. Enjoy.

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